When you are looking

for commercial photography portraits for your corporate publications, company website, public relations or brochures to promote your business, come to us.
Photographer Poul Christensen creates photographs that stand out from the crowd. Pouls photographs includes CEOs and boardmembers from Maersk Line, Danske Bank, Nordea, Realkredit Danmark, Sparekassen Kronjylland and more.

Professionals today are busy. Poul will show up well-prepared and make sure that once they get in front of the camera, they are in good hands. They can relax and enjoy the moment, knowing that they will get back to their next appointment in time.

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If you need that final touch

on your event, contact Poul.

He will create photographs of memorable moments and important persons. The photos can run throughout the event as photoshows on large displays, this is always a success and you can show the photos accompanied by music as the Grand Finale – to create that great atmosphere. Pouls photographs includes events for Maersk Line in Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom, Maersk Oil in Denmark and Sweden, Hoffmann, DONG Energy, Alcon and Sparekassen Kronjylland. No matter where your event is held, Poul can make beautiful and spot-on images.

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Poul Christensen

Poul started his own company in 1996 after enjoying photography to the max on his first trip around the world. After a few years he was working full-time in his company and over the years has explored his talent for capturing the right moment, right when the person is revealing him- or herself. Always focusing on the positive elements in a personality and always striving to do the best every time. And excellent at solving “issues” at the scene.